Love is the bridge between you and everything. -Rumi


Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is the process of communicating with the deceased or connecting to those in Spirit. This connection provides an opportunity to confirm their presence in our active lives. Mediumship readings can provide healing, closure and evidence from loved ones on the other-side that they are safe, at peace and still connected to you, just in another way.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings provide an opportunity for guidance and clarity. During a reading general informationĀ on current and future conditions may arise or you may wish to explore a specific area for guidance such as relationships, finances and money, career or health.

Email Mini Reading

Designed to focus on a specific question or area of concern. This type of reading is for a quick glimpse into your current situation without the need to schedule a full session. These readings are done via email. Questions can be submitted at time of booking and responses will be sent within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment time. These sessions are not for connecting to a loved one in Spirit.

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